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To all members of MAAC and the board of directors.


It is my opinion that during the past 20 months the majority of the members of the board have demonstrated that


They have no issue with and are fully supportive of members who have violated the not for profit act, and the laws of Canada either remaining as or becoming officers of the corporation .......I do not agree


The majority of the board agrees to tolerate those who ignore and or violate the act in order to accomplish a specific goal which they say is " for the betterment of M.A.A.C. "..........I do not agree with this


The majority of the board agrees that serious offenses that I and some board members believe have been committed should not receive disciplinary action....I do not agree


The majority of the board has decided that for the " betterment of M.A.A.C." it can either disregard or ignore opinion passed by our legal counsel and or the constitution representative appointed for a specific duty.........I do not agree


The majority of the board has tolerated what I consider insulting and verbally abusive language by some board members towards a respected member of the constitution committee......I do not agree and cannot tolerate it


The majority of the board has decided on Monday Dec 10 2012 that it has the " authority " to deny a member or officer his civil rights by passing a motion to prevent him from speaking at any time with any lawyer regarding anything related to M.A.A.C. without their permission............ The board does not have that authority, ( to remove civil rights) and I strongly object


The majority of the board has seemingly agreed at a recorded board meeting which took place on Dec 6 2012 that it has the power and the authority to do anything it wishes......I do not agree


The majority of the board is of the opinion that " for the good of M.A.A.C." it is permissible for a board member to threaten certain actions in writing towards our corporate lawyer in order to affect a specific action that he wants..................I do not agree


The the majority of the board has decided that the action of an officer making a material misrepresentation on a financial document does not require disciplinary action..........I do not agree


The majority of the board sees nothing wrong with Linda Patrick our Secretary Treasurer being told she could not approach the board on this matter and threatened with disciplinary action and or termination of her employment if she did....I do not agree



It has become obvious, in my opinion, that my ethics... personal code of conduct, and view of fiduciary duty and responsibilities to the corporation are diametrically opposed to the majority of the board's


I cannot participate as President in an organization where there is seemingly no regard for the Act, the bylaws or fiduciary duty to the corporation.


For those reasons, I am submitting my resignation as president of the Model Aeronautics Association of Canada effective immediately.


It is my sincere wish that members of the " Model Aeronautics Association of Canada " become actively involved in order to affect change for the betterment of M.A.A.C



Ron Dodd


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