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The items listed below in my experiences are good quality and reliable.

-Let's start with 450 size electric -

-Servos X 3

-Gyro -

Don't be fooled by the price of this gyro. It is the best I have seen from Hobbyking. It is a direct clone of a futaba gy 401.

-Blades -

Any middle of the road priced carbon fiber or fiberglass HobbyKing 325mm blade set. Aprox 5-11 dollars.

-Batteries - 20c minimum, 2200mah, 3 cell lipo

Zippy's and turnigys have all been good to me. I recommend at least 3 packs.


-Lipo Battery Charger -

Hobbyking has all kinds... Read the reviews and choose. Must have to correct leads and be a balancing type for lipos.

-ESC -

30-40 amp heli esc should work fine. Make sure it is brushless & lipo compatible.

-Connectors & Heli Pinion -

Do a little research to make sure you order the proper gold connectors and pinions for a 450 size heli.

-Tail Rotor servo -

You'll need a really fast servo on the tail. I have has good luck with the GWS servos (link below). But they are a little large. Sort through the reviews for recomends on other servos types. But it must be fast!!

-RX -

I can not recomend these little Orange RX's enough!! They are fantastic on small electrics. The link below are the type I use. But Orange makes all different types. Both Spektrum and FASST


Typhoons are good. I have only used one. Not a really power plant. But good for beginner to sportsman. I can't remember which one I have.


-Most importantly - Training gear


This is all I can think of right now.

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Great INFO!!! Thanks.




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Thanks for taking the time to post this thread. I think the HK450 will be a good entry heli for me. Looking forward to the challenge.

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