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Subject: Stolen RC Model Aircraft


Please forward to all members


Never know where they could end up, keep an eye open.


Subject: FW: Stolen RC Model Aircraft


Please pass this on to all your members. As many who know Steve, his plane are large and should be easy to recognize.


Heinz Pantel


Pass this around.


Stolen RC Model Aircraft


Steve Souchuk from Russell Manitoba 204-773-2921 had the following five

RC models stolen April 29 from his hangar at the Assissippi flying field.


2 Shukoi Su31 turquoise and cream coloured , one with instrument panel

and the other with a pilot. Both had a ¼ inch rod gear brace between the

landing gear. One powered with a Moki 1.8 and the other a Moki 2.10


A Spitfire brown and green camouflage with retracts, power was a .90

Thundertiger or GMS


A Mustang silver, khaki and green with black and white invasion stripes,

with retracts and a Supertigre 3000 for power.


A Zero forest green with hlack cowling, meatballs and some Japanese

writing on the tail. A Japanese pilot with mustache, retracts and a red


Power was a Brisson 5.5 cc


All of the above had JR radio equipment in them.


He also lost a couple of chargers, one a blue Ace charger, a starting box


a couple of field chargers and 3 gallons of 15 % fuel.



Ron Prokopchuk

Hub City Radio Control Club

Saskatoon, Sask.






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